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Host an Indivisible Free Movie Event

Movie Events

Join the Warrior Wives Event Team on Saturday, January 18, 2020 at

Byers UMC, Joplin, MO

Check out the event information here!

Does your Church or organization have a heart for military families?  Let Warrior Wives help you engage your community by hosting a Free Indivisible Movie Event at your location.   Indivisible is based on the true story of Army Chaplain Darren Turner and his wife Heather and the struggles they faced as a family in the midst of military deployment.  While every military family story is unique, the Indivisible movie is a great reminder that even those with the strongest of faith can struggle when faced with the unique challenges of war and service.  


Warrior Wives will provide the following for an Indivisible Movie Event 

  • Free Admission to Movie

  • Resources for Military Families

  • Event Flyer 

  • Opportunity for your organization to fundraise by providing snack items

  • Pre-paid Indivisible Movie Event License

What is the financial cost to you?  Nothing.  Really!   As we bring this movie event to our communities, we get the opportunity to share our own mission and vision.  We believe that as we share our mission, it will resonate with those who will want to come alongside and contribute in thier own way.  Whether that is through prayer, volunteering or financial support we are confident lives will be impacted for good.  

For more information on how to schedule a Free Indivisible Movie Event contact the Warrior Wives Outreach Team @ Phone: 417-319-6780 or e-mail:


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