My Life in a Box- Step 9

Once you have collected you items, begin putting them in one of the six file folders. Throw out old papers as you go. You may find other information not listed on previous steps, but go ahead and include those in the in your files too. This is just the basic steps to get your life organized. Some families will have more or less than others, and that is ok. Make sure to put your original files in folders then in a fire proof box or lock box.

The Emergency file- is the first one you and your family need to be able to access if an emergency arises.

If you have a copier then make a second set of files to put in a GET AWAY BAG. Another option would be to scan all documents into your computer and put on a CD or flash drive. You can also send a copy to a friend or family member to keep. Make sure to tell someone where you second set is, so that it can be easily located.

Make sure to write a presonal letter to each family member.

Each member of the family should copy and fill out the Emergency Personal Inventory Form (located on pg. 25 in the back of your book). This should go with you on ALL trips you take. This also needs to be included in your GET AWAY BAG.

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