My Life in a Box- Step Ten

These are the steps to be prepared in case of a major emergency or death of a loved one. Make sure to include yourself. It's easier to know your wishes before it's to late.

1. Checklist - (Pg. 29 of book) This is a quick view of what to do, who to call, and how to plan if someone passes away.

2. My Personal Request - (pg. 30 of book) Copy and give to ALL family members. This is a great way to communicate your final wishes. Make sure to be as specific as possible so there is no guessing what you would like.

3. The Details - (pg. 33 of book) Complete all vital forms. It is necessary when you fill out legal forms at the funeral home. MAKE COPIES to give to each family member. If you don't have the information then put UNKNOWN in the blank, DO NOT LEAVE BLANK!!!!!!

4. Preferred Contacts - (pg. 35 of book) List important contacts adn location of ALL legal documents. Make copies for ALL family members.

REMINDER- If you live in locations with natural disasters it may be impossible to get your items from a bank lock box.

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