Marine Corps Reserve Birthday

Diid you know the Marine Corps Reserve is actually the largest command in the U.S. Marine Corps? When I heard they are celebrating an anniversary this month I took some time to reach out and learn more. Who exactly are the Marine Forces Reserves and what do they do?

Established when Congress passed the Naval Appropriations Act on the 29thof August in 1916, the Reserves now make up a force of over 100,000 men and women required to meet the same demanding standards as active duty Marines. On standby for mobilization in wartime or in cases of national emergencies, for almost a century they have provided critical support to the active Marine Corps and its assignments whether at home or overseas.

Involved with numerous philanthropies, I especially admire that community service is of utmost importance to the Marine Corps Reserve. Founded in 1947, the renowned Toys for Tots program which provides gifts to children whose families cannot afford them during the holidays is their most widely known effort.

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