Warrior Wives

Today a friend invited my family and I to go to church with them. Boy was I glad they did, as the sermon spoke to me about Warrior Wives. I have been praying for this for sometime, a sign of what is to come in the next chapter for our group. Here is what I would like to share with you............

There is no limit to what God puts before us, keep moving forward, seek out his goals he has for us through your group. He will help us grow through his guidance. We need to let things go and stop stressing over the little things and let him show us the way.

God is the God of order = structure! God has no limits, you don't quit on God, don't quit on the life he has created for you or the path that he he is leading you down. Don't give up on Warrior Wives!!!!

We have a vision for Warrior Wives, we just need to keep sharing and don't STOP! God is here to help open those doors. We need to show our passion for Warrior Wives and everything we have to offer through God. God is ready for you to step up and serve him. You can help us do that by achieving our goal of showing other military wives the passion we have to help each other and their families.

If you are facing struggles remember that God has forgiven you each and everyday, you can do the same. We are here to help you in every aspect of your life from military and beyond. Open the doors and let us in.

1. Pray to find your true passion that God is leading you to us.

2. God will fill the void and open the flood gates. Be prepared!

3. God is ready to meet you at the gates but you have not completed the plans he has set before you.

4. You have more influence on the people around you then you can imagine. Put God in your hearts and move forward.

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