National Bubble Week

Hello and Happy March,

Most people know that March, 17th is St Patrick’s day, but did you know that March 7-13th is National Bubble Week? Take a moment to think back and remember when you were a child blowing bubbles to have some carefree fun. Studies say that even as an adult blowing bubbles can boost your mood. It can be fun and relaxing by utilizing the deep breathing involved in the act of blowing bubbles. See the attached document for more information on Bubble Fun for Adults or check out for information on how to make homemade bubbles. In honor of bubble week, I wanted to let know about 3 NEW Mobile Solutions to Boost Quality of Life.

Mobile solutions now go way beyond sweet-smashing games. Military OneSource is offering three new mobile tools —MoodHacker, CoachHub and Love Every Day. Try MoodHacker to improve your mood. Use CoachHub to reduce your stress. Give Love Every Day a try to rekindle the romance. Access these mobile solutions to help improve the quality of your life, all on the go.

1. MoodHacker:

2. CoachHub:

3. Love Every Day:

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