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America Saves Friday - Saving At Any Age

Friday, March 3 | Saving At Any Age 



Talking about money has been considered taboo for too long, but this mindset could be doing us a disservice. After all, it’s not what you say but how you say it.

You’ve gained valuable insights this week, and the next step is to share those learnings and check-in with your loved ones. 

On the fifth and final day of America Saves Week, we encourage you to:

  • Talk to family members, whether it be your own kids to older generations, about your money story and goals, including retirement plans, the importance of saving, and responsibly using credit

  • If you haven’t, open up a savings account that correlates with what matters most to you right now

Need additional support?

  • Check out this video from Carolyn at America Saves on how she began choosing a savings goal from a very young age!

We hope that this week has been insightful, and you’ve been able to pause to do a financial check-in, allowing you to get clear on where your finances are, where you want them to be, and what small steps you can take now to put you on that path. If you’re ready to continue your journey, we encourage you to identify your money story with America Saves for encouragement, accountability, and support along the way!

Looking for Veteran and Military specific resources? Check out these resources:

So your financial savings toolbox is getting stocked...what's next?

You've decided to take the first or next step in securing your financial future and you're a rockstar! If you're not convinced this decision is all that special, consider this:

According to a study done by Ramsey Solutions - Almost three out of four Americans (72%) say they are burdened by debt, including mortgages. Let's look at that another way. By taking these steps, you've set yourself on the path to be part of the 25% of Americans who will no longer be carrying the burden of debt!

It's time to celebrate! So what does that look like?

Instead of celebrating with a $$ latte or a $$$ spending spree, how about a No-Spend challenge? If you're up for a real challenge or just plain curious, check out this video by Rachel Cruze and see if you can think of an area of life where you can celebrate by cutting back!

America Saves Week 2024 is coming to a close, but that doesn't mean our savings plans and goals are ending. Quite the contrary!

We hope you've found at least one great resource this week that will help take you to the next level of financial freedom. America Saves Week has been a great start to Financial Capability Month and a boost to helping Military families find financial freedom.

Follow us as we continue to share timely financial resources throughout the month and don't forget to share any great resources with your military and veteran friends. You can find us at our website or on Facebook. Connect with us today!

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